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BsoGood is a British community and platform for professionals of all trades to promote their services. Clients can easily book anyone from a dog walker to hairdresser in short notice around their location.


The brief was to design a user interface for their mobile application using the framework done by the user experience designer. The app should closely follow given brand guidelines and most of all, be attractive to the user. Since the target audience is everyone from teenagers to pensioners, the UI design should be contemporary, simplistic and user friendly.


Over hundred screens were designed in close collaboration with the UX designer to guarantee a functioning and easy-to-use mobile app. Colour way and fonts follow the brand’s guidelines making the app inline with the rest of the brand’s marketing material, such as website. To make the designs clean, the content was divided in sections and accent colours were used to create hierarchy. A dozen icons were also illustrated to represent the different features.


The app will launch in 2022.


UX Design by Julian Hale